February 13, 2019

Mentors and Managers

In the last post I presented you four different types of Esports coaches: The analyst, the strategist, the mental coach...


Individual players

I offer personal mental coaching to aspiring Esport athletes. As a player you will be supported to reach and maintain performance peaks and to use your own strengths effectively. The goal of the coaching sessions is to integrate your individual needs and ambitions into your unique personality as a player in a healthy way. Therefore I work with methods and interventions of positive psychology, which effectiveness is empirically proven. You will be supported in building a positive, appreciative self-image, discarding old behaviors that hold you back from unleashing your full potential and enabling you to work actively and with confidence on your success.


Within my work in teams, the team as a social group is in the focus. Your team spirit, trust and your shared motivation are responsible for the necessary mental strength of the group at decisive moments. In addition to coordinating the training plans, I offer the necessary communication tools and structures for an effective work culture and a harmonious sense of community. The contents of team coachings are conflict management, goal setting processes and to integrate each player as a functioning part of the team. When the unique potential of each individual and the group itself can fully unfold, a unit is created that is far larger and stronger than just the sum of its parts.

Industry professionals

Esports in its current form has become a fast and still growing market with challenging competitive conditions. The demands on the organizations, staff, teams and individuals are constantly advancing in terms of professionalism, performance and competences. In order to achieve and maintain those high levels, I offer individual coaching for everyone in the esportsindustry, whether you’re a streamer, entrepreneur or team manager. In your coaching process you will learn to actively use and develop your strengths in various areas of life, as well as methods for dealing with your own conflicts and coping with stress. This supports you in bringing your career to the next level and living a successful and authentic life, at work and in interpersonal relationships.

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Rulfchen is a professional League of Legends player and one of the best Junglers in Germany. After the 23-year-old qualified for the first division of the SummonersInn League with OP-Innogy, he gathered international experience in the italian organization MOBA-ROG in 2019. After appearances in Panthers, Black Lion and the spanish BCN Squad, he is currently playing for PENTA 1860. During his coaching sessions, he has worked on improving his leadership and communication skills and balancing his vision of a successful professional career with other important life goals.

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The young Austrian celebrates his professional entry into the German counterstrike community with his contract under Esports Rhein Neckar (ERN).His self-confident playing style was enhanced during the coaching sessions, so that the dynamic AWP player was able to lead the scoreboard on international level matches during the season.

In addition, a personal pre-match ritual was established, which helps to prepare mentally and tune up for important games.

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The young shooting star not only asserts himself through successful performances in the ESL championship, but also impresses against international CS:GO-teams in the ESEA Advanced Division. After winning the 2on2 Red Bull Flick tournament, which is awarded with a prize money of 20.000€, he and his duo-partner have been signed by the German organization PENTA.

The main focus of the coaching sessions was to generate mental stability, confidence and a positive attitude for decisive matches.

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The current state of coaching in esports

About the job title, the first coaching personalities, task fields and common sense of what makes a coach in Esports.


The journey begins

I am Christian "xeniken" Kandora. I am an esports enthusiast and I can look back at more than 15 years of experience in competitive gaming. Back in the days I started early with classic online-multiplayer-titles as RtCW and Quake before I discovered Counterstrike 1.6 in 2003, the game, that should somehow change my life and become my passion for over a decade. Even then when esports was not as big as it is today, I took gaming and competition in organized teams very serious and I was constantly eager for more. After reaching my peak I was finally able to compete on top ranks in online-leagues, tournaments and prestigious national LAN-Events, such as Northcon, always placing within the top 10. It was indeed an eventful and educational time for me.

Today I study sociology and philosophy with the goal to work as a professional consultant or coach after finishing my degree. As esports was and will always be a part of my life, I never lost track of the scene and advancements in competitive gaming. Having a great interest in science and in particular psychology, I really gained a new perspective on esports in general and on the challenges of the modern athletes. Combining both, my academic view through human sciences and my comprehensive pool of esports know-how, I can finally give something back to the gaming-community. My goal is to coach players of any skill level and to offer methods and perspectives that will help them to develop and improve as a player and person. And I want to give all these topics a serious framework regardless of the particular game and share my experience, knowledge and thoughts with the community in form of free webinars and blog articles. My vision is to share my views, insights and experiences with others and to create a channel everybody can profit and learn from.